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Stuff Down The Pipeline

Posted by DeSaGames - November 30th, 2016

Ey yo!

Figured I would leave a bit of an update since there won't be anything coming from this channel for the next couple of months.
Currently I am working on the biggest project I have ever undertaken. The previous games that I have released are honestly stuff that I could have thrown together when I was 16 if I had put my mind to it. The current project is something that I definitely couldn't have managed in highschool. Maybe I could have put this together at 20, so I am still three years behind schedule, but I'm getting there.

It feels great to be making headway on this thing. It's much bigger than anything I have ever done before, both in length and in scope. I have fifteen different voices to work with and around twenty scenes to animate. For refference the biggest game I have made so far, Layin' Pipe, had three different voice actors and nine different scenes.

Whilst I have used other artists for previous projects to make up for my lack of drawing skills I have invested a couple months of daily drawing into sharpening out my skills in order to be able to fully illustrate this project. The style is fairly minimalist in order to make up for my lack of hand-eye coordination in the realm of art but it should cut down production time by quite a bit and ensure that I can get the exact emotions/positions for all of the characters in order to get the script across.
With that said the production on this is still a giant time killer. Whilst the other games could have been put together in a matter of six days if I put in daily effort the voice recording alone has taken up over a week. With sound mixing, game drafting, drawing and coding I have given myself a conservative New Years deadline but hopefully I will be able to get something up here by mid December.

Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know that I'm not dead...


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Early 20's, doing the mass media game, very nice! I came by here, since I noticed other adult game makers had your latest game's medals on their page :) They'll never be able to match your wit or unique gamestyles, so no worries, I'm just glad you have the attention of discriminating gamers.

i am turning 20th on my birthday on valentine's day

Sure you're not dead? Hope all's well with you.

Hehehe "Yet"