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Stuff down the pipeline

2013-12-24 06:55:18 by DeSaGames

Oh hai there everyone. Boy oh boy do I have a couple projects in the works. A month or so ago I gave myself a challenge to write 5 scripts in one week in order to practice my scriptwriting and stretch my idea muscles. Sadly I only hit 3 completed scripts and like 5 more game ideas but with the wonderful flow of people willing to animate/program for the games I've managed to finish off some of these scripts. With that said there's multiple things on the way! Firstly I have a non-quiz game coming up (I know right? Shocker), I also have another quiz game similar to The Evening Visitor, An escape the room game and a platformer game in the works! Chances are only half of these things are actually going to get done in the near future but hell, half is better than none right? I've also started working on a three part animated series which I hope to refine at some point and actually be able to release a nice little show, but my writing and organization skills still have ways to go. Blah blah blah, happy holidays ya weirdos!4674245_138789201491_n.jpg


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2013-12-30 16:03:27

Happy furmas!!!!AND NEW YEARS XD


2014-04-17 22:13:37

Hey, haven't heard from you since last year, how've you been?

DeSaGames responds:

Have been busy with life m'man, but there's stuff coming soon! Promise!


2014-05-06 00:36:42

Glad to hear it! I might be getting back into making videos again, just to keep my head clear, have some focus...

DeSaGames responds:

Awesome! I'd be interested in what kind of stuff you make. Make sure to hit me up when you release something!


2014-05-08 22:53:11

I will dude! Once the seed is all in the ground, I'll have some free time beofre the weeds need attention :)