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Next project! For reals now/Help me

2013-12-01 06:59:35 by DeSaGames

Hey everyone!

So I've been on a little hiatus recently.
I managed to lose about 12 hours of work on my previous project back in October and I just decided to call it quits for a bit. However now I am back and working again! (half-assed proof below)
I wanted to thank everyone for all the support and kind messages, without them I probably would have just kept flash closed and wouldn't get back to doing this.

At the moment a large chunk of the art for my upcoming project ''The Visitor'' is finished along with the entirety of the script and a small portion of the voice acting. I'm hoping I can get this project out within the next two weeks at the latest but who knows, I might disappear off the face of the earth for another couple months.

As is painfully obvious from all of my projects I lack both art and programming skills. As much as I want to improve both of these I would love to collaborate with someone who can draw better than me or program something more complicated than a quiz game! If you're out there and you want to join forces to create something give me a heads up!

Once again thanks for all the support,

If this post seems overly disjointed I apologize, I need some sleep.

Next project! For reals now/Help me


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2013-12-19 22:14:40

If is not a tease is borderline bestiality, but regardless of it, good game with good info, it just... nonsensical and awesome, classic Newgrounds, good job man.

DeSaGames responds:

Why thank you! There's more to come!